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Welcome to my Templates Managed Site
by Reg Phipps MBCS  

Templates and library items are enormously important productivity tools. Templates make designing a large multi page site with a top menu and bottom menu fast and easy. Library items provide the extra control you need for a sidebar menu or content area.

Templates are comprised of editable and locked regions. Editable regions, are regions which can be modified outside the template and should be labeled for the type of content they are designed to hold. This helps content editors determine where specific content should be placed. Typically, all that is required is an editable region for the main content and editable regions for other content unique to different pages on the site. You can create library items for a sub-menu, for instance, and place them in a designated editable region of the template to speed production, maintain appearance throughout the site, and decrease the chances of broken links. I have created a simple infomation Web page that contains a main menu and submenus that change based on the main menu item selected. The base page and its main menu are managed in a template. The sub-menus are managed with library items. The main menu is locked so that changes made in the template update all pages to which the template is applied. The submenu library items are contained in an editable region so that the appropriate submenus can be placed on the actual pages.

This site uses Dynamic HTML (HTML, javascript and CSS)

Coming soon coldfusion version using server side technology for dynamic content.

Rome wasn't build in a day but this site was using Ultra Dev 4 and Fireworks 4 by Macromedia.

Updated using Studio 8 by Macromedia.

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